About Us

Happy Family is a non-profit public organization which unites those who care about the issues of infertility treatment with the help of reproductive technologies, medical, legal, ethical and psychological aspects. During the years of our activities, our organization has welcomed not only married couples who have already used or just were about to use methods of artificial insemination, but health care workers, lawyers, psychologists, journalists as well - in a word all those whose personal or professional experience and active civic mindedness can help society to reconsider the established stereotypes of childbirth, and infertile couples – find the right way to make their dream of becoming happy parents come true.

Infertility is a huge issue of the modern technocratic society in which the marriage age and childbearing is shifted upwards due to the liberalization of sexual relations, duration of training and overall learning process, complexities of the material and professional development.

However, society is not ready to adopt some of the most radical methods of reproductive medicine, in particular, the usage of donor eggs and a surrogate mother’s services. Nowadays many countries have not yet legalized egg donation and surrogacy, in such way limiting the ability of their citizens, who suffer from infertility, to use modern science and the right of free choice. But it is impossible to set the limits in the world with developed means of communication and transportation. With no support from the authorities of their native country, such couples look for help in foreign clinics of reproductive medicine. But, very often, without appropriate knowledge of language, mentality and absence of legal support patients face with swindlers who speculate on the new service market.

The Happy Family Public Organization co-operates with the world’s leaders in the field of artificial insemination and surrogacy. We can easily help you to choose the right clinic that specializes in the assistive technologies of fertilization and surrogacy. Our experts will recommend you the perfect match of price and quality and advice the healthcare center that fits your needs. Every day Happy Family researchers work for your good and search for clinics with the highest fertility rates and successful programs of artificial insemination — for us these is the best evidence of competence. We do not advertise any of medical institutions. That’s why you can be sure that once you come to us your dreams will come true and you’ll find yourself as happy parents.

Happy Family provides all necessary information about the reproductive clinics that offer their clients a full range of services — from medical testing to various IVF, ICSI, egg donation and surrogacy programs. We guarantee you the highest level of medical care, legal and psychological support, and of course a positive result, — which is the birth of the long-awaited baby!

During the years of the existence of our organization we have expanded our geography and today we are represented in the U.S.A, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Ukraine.

We have been assisting all couples who cannot solve the problem of their infertility not only because of the lack of the legal framework for surrogacy or the usage of donor eggs, but due to the lack of awareness. We are glad to provide those who either cannot use adequate medical care or need further consultation with the informational support.