IVF process

Term “IVF” is abbreviation of words “in vitro fertilization”. From Latin these words mean “outside body”, that is, fertilization, which takes place outside the body of a person, or in vitro.
Today, it is one of the high-tech methods of infertility treatment, when fertilization in natural conditions, due to any reasons, is impossible. The most common reason of infertility is blocking of uterine tubes or their absence. In this case, sperm can't get to ovum and fertilize it.
To conduct fertilization in vitro, it is necessary to receive healthy ovums and sperm, unite them in a test tube, and then move the resulting embryo into the alvus for further development.

Other kinds of infertility, when IVF method can be effective:

  • Infertility due to tubal-peritoneal factor (adhesive process in the abdominal cavity); 
  • due to endometriosis of any form and stage;
  • due to endocrine factors (lack of ovulation of any origin);
  • due to male and immunologic factor (a large number of antibodies against sperm in blood of women or men);
  • due to idiopathic infertility (infertility of uncertain origin, when all tests were made, but the reason is not found out).

Incredible case in reproductive medicine was happened in Ukraine. 66 years old woman who came from Switzerland became pregnant after five unsuccessful IVF attempts. Woman visited Ukraine as this country conducts all procedures concerning reproductive medicine absolutely legally. And in addition there is no age limit for the surrogacy and IVF procedures carrying there. So, this country was the only advantageous state to make Swiss woman cherished dream of becoming a mother at last come true. She chose a good clinic with a positive reputation and high birth rate. After medical examination doctors made a decision that woman can bear child herself using in-vitro fertilization method. And, lo and behold!!! After the second attempt pregnancy test at last has shown two so long-awaited strips!!! Swiss woman gave birth of healthy twin boys.

It is not the only story in the history of reproductive medicine. And situations of such kind raise a lot of mingled feelings in the global community. In particular, the most common question is how grandmother (according to the age) can be mother and bring up the kids as its necessary. But the most important aspects in this issue is that children are healthy, woman is happy and this happiness helps her to be more strong and to live for children’s special benefit.