Process of choosing a donor 

Usually, patients are not shown photos of donors. Clients can make their choice according to several criteria:

  1. General characteristics of appearance, for example, Slavic, Eastern type etc.;
  2. color of eyes;
  3. color of hair;
  4. brief description of face: nose, forehead, lips, etc. (not all clinics have this item);
  5. height, weight;
  6. blood type and Rh factor.

Some clinics offer more varied list of criteria, others - a little less. Nevertheless, doctors always try to choose the most similar donor, among those who answers by blood type and Rh factor of client. As doctors, unlike them, can see both patients and donors.

There are also situations when donor does not meet all requirements (wrong color of eyes or hair), but just such donor is more similar to patient than those one who fully meets all descriptions of client.

Unfortunately, there are cases when artificial fertilization is unsuccessful with donor eggs. Doctors recommend to change donor, after two failed attempts, for the new one with fresh (not cryo) embryos.

Medical examinations of donor:

  1. fluorography (valid for 1 year);
  2. examination by therapeutic and his report on health’s state (once a year);
  3. consultation of psychiatrist (once);
  4. consultation of geneticist (once);
  5. blood test for RW, HIV, НвsAg, hepatitis C (valid for 3 months);
  6. blood type and Rh factor test (once);
  7. blood chemistry test (valid for 1 month);
  8. urine analysis (valid for 1 month);
  9. smears on flora (valid for 1 month);
  10. complete blood analysis (valid for 1 month);
  11. hemostasiogramm (valid for 1 month);
  12. cytogenetic screening (once);
  13. cytological examination of smears from cervix (valid for 1 year);
  14. pelvic examination;
  15. ultrasound examination of pelvic organs;
  16. examination of cervical canal’s materials (chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, HSV, CMV (valid for 6 months).