Process of surrogacy

At the current time, probably, everyone knows what exactly the term “Surrogacy” means. This medical attainment has become the newest opportunity to solve fertile issue of the couples which unsuccessfully try to conceive.

In case the couple has been trying to get pregnant reaching no success for a long time, or has any contraindications to carry a healthy baby, it’s enough reasonable to begin considering surrogacy as the next type of assistive method.  

In general Surrogacy is a modern method of human reproduction that assists infertile couples to become parents and built their families if they tried hard but couldn’t.

There are two known types of surrogacy and several different reasons why intended parents choose this method.

Further we’ll itemize the main ones.

There are a lot of reasons that compel considering surrogacy, some of them are listed below:

  • absence of uterus (congenital or non-heritable);
  • deformation of uterus.
  • deformation of cavity or cervix due to congenital abnormalities development or as a result of illnesses;
  • synechia (commissura inside uterus) of uterus, not amenable to treatment;
  • various diseases of internals, due to which child carrying is contraindicated;
  • repeated unsuccessful attempts of the IVF procedures with repeatedly getting of high quality embryos transfer of which does not result in pregnancy. 

The dominating medical contribution and one of the most important and crucial part of surrogacy implies a fertilized egg transfer into the surrogate mother’s uterus. Artificially inseminated woman will carry your future baby to term.